About Us

Property Management Link was formed in 1997 by leading property management professionals and trainers. Our mission was and is to bring the many channels of online information under one roof. Over the years the e-mail newsletter has grown into a reliable resource for all levels of the property management industry. As markets and technology evolve, Property Management Link follows proactively under the guidance of seasoned professionals and your colleagues.

Executive Editor Stephen Mann has spent his career working at all levels of commercial real estate: Property management, asset management, commercial finance, performance consultant, and auditor. His firm was an early adopter of using the Web for building professional communities, and these early efforts have over time grown into a mature e-mail publication.

We are committed to delivering value to you in each and every publication. Our editorial process vets a long list of topics and events for those items with a direct impact on property management. We than create as brief a summary as possible that also conveys essential information. Every item contains a link for further research, should you decide to take a deeper dive.

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Executive Editor

Stephen Mann
Executive Editor